Survivor: South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke (photo: CBS) Survivor 44's third episode ended with the third consecutive woman being voted out of the tribe, continuing a troubling trend from the last few seasons.

Redemption Island: Redemption Island returned this season, but with new tweaks.

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Survivor: South Pacific six-disc set includes all 14 episodes and the reunion, plus the following bonus materials: Meet the Cast -- An introduction to Survivor's 23rd season contestants Exit Interviews - The extended exit interviews held immediately after contestants are voted off. At the end, 22-year-old Sophie Clark proved victorious.

Eighteen castaways compete in Samoa for $1 million, but ousted players go to Redemption Island.

of castaways: 18: Production; Production location(s) Upolu, Samoa: Filming dates: May 30, 2011: Release; Original.

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Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23) If you’re wondering what a general rule is for avoiding lackluster "Survivor" seasons, our advice is to stay clear of the early 20s, a veritable Dark Age for the show. This video contains all of the "Previously on Survivor" segments from Survivor: South Pacific Survivor: South Pacific is the twenty-third season of.

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I mean, first episode of South Pacific I say insecurity is my greatest weakness,.


The season's. Kegan C. was awarded the title of Sole Survivor over Isaiah V.

South Pacific is the seventh consecutive season to have a female be the first voted out and the first eliminated. September 13, 2011. This occurrence made the show's fourteenth season, Fiji, the only season in the history of the show to start with an odd number of players. Not feeling close with his Savaii tribemates, and not willing to trust his fate in the game to pulling rocks in a. Season 23 has the great misfortune of parroting the format of no-good-very-bad Season 22, "Redemption Island," with two returning captains.


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Survivor: South Pacific — The Spoiler Free Review This season, while named after its location, is essentially Survivor: Redemption Island 2, Electric Boogaloo.